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Plus Token & ALIK Attended the WBF in New York, Announcing the Establishment of the F
发布时间 : 2019-01-24

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PLUS TOKEN & ALIK attended the WBF in New York discussing with blockchain current situation in different countries, as well as its prospects, investments routes, application of STO and regulation policies of each country. The main objectives of PLUS TOKEN’s New York visit was to explore how to utilize STO to serve blockchain investors and create more outcome.

SEC divides cryptocurrency into two categories, Utility Token and Security Token. STO, Security Token Offering, belongs to the second one. STO is usually under regulation and protected by local authorities to protect investors.

Products: PLUS TOKEN applies STO module and issues stable currency on the platform. It monitors and helps the operations of global blockchain project, improves transaction attributes and gets more transaction exchange, as a result, users’ digital asset can circulate freely on PLUS TOKEN. Besides, stable currency channels open up for many countries, allowing priority of monetary transaction. PLUS TOKEN will be tentatively designated as the only legal currency exchange tender.

Arrangement: Actively communicate and cooperate with local government and entrepreneurs in the Jeju, New York and Singapore, keep learning and innovation.

License: License is important in keen competition of financial markets. PLUS TOKEN is aware of it and keeps paying large attention to policy changes in various countries and stays in contact with those governments. Now, PLUS TOKEN has been authorized by Australia and Singapore on STO exchange and a liaison with US government is going on.

Future Prospects: Competition of blockchain industry not only happens in its products and services, but also the competition for users experience, traffic, technique, license, and future prospects. PLUS TOKEN keeps pace with global management. This summit aims to make PLUS TOKEN to be the first STO exchange is Asia, and the 2.0 era of PLUS TOKEN will be a brand-new start and leads a splendid future in blockchain industry.





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